How to make money using URL Shortener?

There’s no big difference between a general URL shortening tool like Bitly and a URL shortening service that pays. Both the type of tools will shorten a lengthy URL in a similar fashion with a small difference. Today, there are various URL shortening services which will pay you whenever a user clicks the shortened URL.

Cool. Isn’t it?

Even I was surprised when I read it for the first time. Although the prices vary from one URL shortening service to the other, you can choose the URL shortening service that suits your business model.

While some URL shortening services follow the revenue sharing model, many others pay for the number of clicks or impressions. Every URL shortening service sets a payment threshold or benchmark so you will only get paid once you reach that threshold.

Most of these URL shortening services also pay for referrals as well.

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Published on: 5/26/20, 1:17 AM