What are the benefits of using link shorteners?

The use of link shorteners can benefit your brand in three main ways:

1. If you post long links to social media, it may look like spam or dissuade people from clicking on something they don't know. In particular, adding tracking parameters to your links can result in URLs that look long and confusing to someone who is unfamiliar with typical link tracking practices. Link shorteners will prune spammy-looking links into simple, succinct links.

2. Many link shorteners also let you monitor the output and analytics of each of your links, which can help you understand which content works better on different platforms.

3. Every social media network limits the number of characters that you can include in your posts. Twitter and LinkedIn have the shortest character limits at 280 and 600 characters respectively, so if you need to squeeze a link or an extra hashtag in one of your posts, link shorteners can help you stay within the bounds.

Published on: 5/26/20, 12:49 AM